Who will replace the incredible Daniel Craig and become the new agent 007? A Big Change Awaits The Bond Movies, And These Are The Hot Candidates

Daniel Craig shot his latest Bond film No Time To Die and made way for the new James Bond. Supposedly, it should be British, skin color doesn’t matter, but there are no plans yet to cast a female role. One of the actors below could become the new agent 007!

Virtually since the premiere of Daniel Craig’s last film as James Bond, there has been speculation about who could replace the actor and thus become the new agent 007. According to the creators, it’s not just about changing the actor who will play the character of the legendary agent, but they must rediscover the essence of this character. James Bond has always changed with the arrival of a new face. It is important that the role fits perfectly with the new actor, it must be believable. The creators are also asking questions about the period in which the script will take place, the characteristics of James Bond, they are looking for a new direction for the Bond films. It’s a demanding task, and that’s why, right after the premiere of No Time To Die, they said they were giving themselves at least two years before revealing more.

Reinventing Bond – what should it be?

“We rediscover who he is, and that takes time,” explain the creators. “There’s no script and we can’t come up with one until we decide how to approach the next film. Choosing to succeed the legendary and world-famous Daniel Craig is a big decision. That’s what which is so exciting and fun in these movies. – the character evolves. In the end, when you have to think about it, you definitely find the right person.”

As for the casting, only men are in the game for now. “We should be creating roles for women, not just turning a man into a woman,” the creators say. The new James Bond should be British, but otherwise there are no racial and ethnic boundaries. Fans probably shouldn’t expect names that are at the height of his career, because even in the past, creators have chosen actors who only made it to the top of the Category A actor list. thanks to the character of James Bond.

These are the hot candidates that are talked about the most. Which of them can you imagine as James Bond?

Miles Teller

The most talked about in recent weeks is Miles Teller, whose career has exploded since the premiere of the sequel to Top Gun, where the young actor starred with Tom Cruise. Fans and critics alike say it’s finally getting the attention it deserves and would be a perfect fit for the next James Bond.

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Miles Teller at the premiere of Spiderhead (New York, 2022) Source: Profimedia

Teller has become a household name since his role as drummer in 2013’s Whiplash, moving on to sci-fi action movies like Divergent and Fantastic Four, and most recently as the rooster in the blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick. He is known to go to great lengths in portraying any character. It’s a downside, though, that he’s American and not British, which is what the creators are basing it on.

The debate over whether he could be the next James Bond has been fueled by his grandmother, who wrote on Twitter: “He has everything they are looking for – talent, looks, power, global appeal and “He’s so cool. He could be the guy!! People in London loved him when he was there for the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. He even charmed William and Kate.” Even the actor himself was very uncertain, but he still expressed that he would like to try the role of Agent 007 (after all, who wouldn’t). “Yeah. I mean, yeah, that would be perfect, I mean, we’re actors, you know, so maybe we could mix things up a bit.”

Luke Evans

Unless there’s an unwritten Hollywood rule that Fast and Furious actors can’t be cast in Bond movies, Luke Evans would theoretically also be a suitable candidate for James Bond. However, the fact that he’s in his 40s doesn’t play into his cards, and the creators are likely looking for someone to play this character in future films.

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Luke Evans at the Dracula premiere (London, 2014) Source: Profimedia

As an actor, he is solid, he approaches the characters he portrays with ease and has the necessary flair, thanks to which we know how to deliver correctly even scenes that need to be clarified with humor. However, fans are not very happy with this choice.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland hasn’t been hotly debated on social media for the role of James Bond, but it’s believed to be only a matter of time. The 25-year-old actor has a huge fan base, is British and has experience in major films. For Tom, playing James Bond would be a dream come true, and he even admitted that in the past he had tried to implement the idea of ​​a “reboot” of James Bond, which he finally did not. failed to implement.

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Tom Holland during a photo shoot in Paris in 2022. Source: Profimedia

“At the end of the day, as a young British boy who loves movies, I would love to be James Bond,” Tom Holland told Variety in February 2021. “I look pretty good in a suit. I’d be like a really short James Jump.”

Cillian Murphy

The Peaky Blinders star has the necessary charm, personality charm and performs with incredible pathos. And as we’ve seen in the popular series he looks great in costume and with a gun he looks mysterious and over the past couple of decades he’s received critical acclaim .

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Cillian Murphy in the series Peaky Blinders (2016) Source: Profimedia

The Irish actor has repeatedly denied rumors he’s set to take on the role of James Bond, but you never know. He has worked hard on independent films and blockbusters, which undoubtedly works in his favor. However, age can still be an issue. Let’s say he was 47 when filming for the new James Bond started – that would mean he would be 6 years older than Daniel Craig when he started the role. The actor is also still very busy with work and preparation for two more movies, so even though he’s been filming Peaky Blinders for a while, he’s certainly not bored. One wonders if he would even have enough space for the new role.

Regé – Jean Page

In early April 2021, it was announced that British actor Regé-Jean Page would not return to Bridgerton, and people on social media did not react well to the news. He was the man behind Bridgerton’s hugely successful first series, and when he retired from the show, there was immediate discussion about where his career would go. It has even been reported that Regé-Jean Page is on the shortlist of actors who want to land the role of James Bond.

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Rege-Jean Page in the Bridgerton series Source: Profimedia

“I think if you’re British and you do something big that other people notice, people start talking about it. It’s completely normal and I’m flattered to be in the category of Brits people have noticed. But to have plans for a James Bond role at this point seems ridiculous to me,” he responded to the speculation at the time, practically sweeping the fans’ enthusiasm from the table. Unlike some of the actors in this list who are eager to land a famous role, Régé-Jean Page understands that a true 007 candidate can’t seem too desperate for the role.The actor is 31 years old and his first big hit was Bridgerton. not yet starred in a big budget movie, which could be its downside.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson’s career could be divided into three stages – first he broke the hearts of teenage girls as a vampire in Twilight, then he was seen as an indie movie freak who always wore an expression of pain, and finally his star finally rises after playing Batman.

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Robert Pattinson at the Batman movie premiere (New York, 2022) Source: Profimedia

Rumor has it that Pattinson has proven he can work hard on himself, and his martyred expression might even help him in the role of James Bond. it would portray the character in a completely new light.

Idris Elbe

For fans, one of the biggest candidates is actor Idris Elba, who would have been in his 50s when filming began. The role would be perfect for him in many ways – action roles suit him, he is extremely handsome, polite, savvy and British. However, since the creators talk about “reinventing Bond”, we can assume that names younger than Idris Elba will be on the table. The storyline is unlikely to pick up where Daniel Craig left off, who also addressed the impact of aging on the agent’s job in the last film.

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Idris Elba at the Cannes Film Festival (2022) Source: Profimedia

Idris was even considered years ago, especially among fans who think the character of Agent 007 is perfect for him. “Well, we know Idris, we’re friends with him, and he’s a great actor. And you know, that was part of the conversation, but it’s always hard to have those conversations when you have the character cast. ” The creators hinted that Idris was in discussion while Daniel Craig was on set.

Tom Hardy

As early as 2020, there have been reports that Tom Hardy is officially the hottest candidate to play James Bond and is a virtual certainty to become the new agent 007. He topped the list of names being discussed and was the biggest favorite.

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Tom Hardy at the Venom premiere (Los Angeles, 2018) Source: Profimedia

The actor even has the backing of former Bond Pierce Brosnan, who said he would like Tom Hardy to be the next follower. According to him, he has the right pensive gaze and a particular flair.

Daniel Kaluuya

Daniel Kaluuya, who is well-known but not as famous as Hollywood stars, would be a great candidate for Agent 007, which should be ideal for creators. The actor has experience with the action films Sicario, Black Panther, Widows and Get Out, where he gave a very good performance.

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Daniel Kaluuya at the 2022 BET Awards (Los Angeles) Source: Profimedia

In the past, for example, Ryan Gosling was also considered:

Top Diva.sk Ryan Gosling as the new James Bond? It has ideal prerequisites

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