Will you accept my rose? The legendary show is back! Another wife for a millionaire will be sought on Markíza

Honzík Novotný, who was looking for the woman of his dreams, became a legend in Slovakia. Now, after many years, Markíza can revive the well-known popular show, which broke ratings records in 2006 and became the most successful TV dating show!

Will you accept my rose? I am a millionaire!

Do you still remember Honzík Novotný? His unforgettable speech could return to Slovak screens. Marquise has already released two trailers for the upcoming dating show, and all indications are that she’ll be reviving The Millionaire Bride. According to Mediaboom, in 2006 it also overtook the show Slovakia is looking for a superstar in terms of viewership.

“Are you single and looking for the right one? Do you dream of romantic experiences and a partner that will change your life? Sign up for the casting now and be part of an exceptional and irreplaceable romantic spectacle!” in the first trailer for the dating show. It is clear that the television launched the casting specifically only for women who want to find the man of their dreams in life.

Will the dream man be rich again?

In the second trailer, the potential man of their dreams speaks to women: “Do you believe in true love? Because I do! Have the most romantic adventure with me. Dream man… Is you ready for this kind of love? Because I am! Sign up for the casting.”

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Footage from the show Bride for a Millionaire from 2006. Source: TV Markíza

Based on the footage, it’s likely to be The Bachelor’s global format, where the “bride’s” stay on the show is decided by the rose the man of their dreams gives them either, but they’ll have to leave the show. emission. Markíza will hit the legendary dating site again, but it’s unclear if the Bride for a Millionaire title will remain. In the first series they chose this name because a rich Honzík was looking for a wife, and now it is only certain that the show will be based on a man who is looking for a partner.

At the same time, this format will also return to our neighbors in the Czech Republic on Prima TV which, like Markíza, has already launched a campaign with the first trailers.

Do you still remember the bride Veronika, who finally won Honzík’s heart and won the show? You can find their wedding photos in our gallery:

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