You are beautiful and thank you! He loves her like every woman wants, their latest pic revealed more

They are among the most popular and stable couples in show business, and their love is still thriving today! Ryan touched the hearts of all women with the romantic confession he made to Blake on her birthday, and his latest photos with his comments revealed more than just how and why!

Even after years, they still love each other! Ryan made a beautiful confession to his Blake

They have known each other since 2010 and there is still a chemistry between them that many couples in love can envy. They regularly show the world how much they love each other, care for each other and answer questions, which is the secret to a relationship that works so well. Now Ryan Reynolds has once again shown that he loves his wife without limits, despite the age difference, which others did not wish for them:

On her 35th birthday, she showed off a figure that many envy her

Blake Lively celebrated her birthday on August 25, and in addition to showing off her beautiful figure, she can also be proud of another romantic confession from her hubby. Ryan admires her as a woman, loves her as his significant other, and respects her as the mother of their children. He knows that Blake is the one to thank for his wonderful life journey and he has often expressed that he makes his life better in every way. He also went public with his feelings on his birthday when he wrote, “Happy birthday Blake you are spectacular. I don’t know if you were born or invented.”

Photo gallery

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at the premiere of the film Free Guy (New York, 2021) Source: Profimedia

What is their recipe for love?

Blake and Ryan don’t have any secret love ingredients that make their relationship so magical. Friendship, communication and humor are important to them. Suffice to say that there is nothing more beautiful when your partner is also your best friend. They have repeatedly shown that they can also make fun of themselves: The most in love couple have shown they are kindred spirits again! Everyone would like to have such a man at home

Natural and looks amazing

In Hollywood, she is one of the fashion icons, she is always beautifully groomed, but she is not afraid to show her true face without makeup. Fans can see her sporty, cheerful, natural, but also as a goddess in evening dresses. Blake Lively is one of the admired women of Hollywood – she is natural and looks incredibly beautiful. Even after three births, she has a beautiful figure and recently even showed it off in a two-piece swimsuit. Check:

See more photos of Ryan and Blake. They were in love at first and nothing has changed even today.

Remember the shocked look Ryan gave Blake when he saw her at the 2022 Met Gala? Probably every woman would like to be in her place at that time…

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